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The BBC's One Show chooses Transcribe Print

We were all shook up when The One Show asked us to make a cardboard cutout of Elvis to feature on their show! So with a little less conversation and more action, we were pleased to create a lifesize cardboard cutout of the world’s most famous celebrity; The King himself! If you’re looking for a custom cardboard cut-out then don’t be cruel, come to Transcribe Print; after all, it’s now or never! September 2010


Elvis Cardboard Cutout

The Times chooses Transcribe Print

The Times Cardboard Cutouts

We've been asked to create many different celebrity cardboard cutouts but never a partridge and a vampire, until now! We were delighted to be asked by The Times to create two lifesize cardboard cut outs of David Cassidy and Robert Pattinson for their magazine,  The Weekend. Using our high-speed HP large format inkjet printers we printed out David and Robert, mounted them on strong foam board and then hand-cut their silhouettes. The result? Well the two ladies on the cover certainly seemed to be pleased; as were we and The Times team.  July 2010